Horn Honk Eliminator Programmer

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This Horn Honk programmer allows you to disable and re-enable the double horn honk if you remove the keyfob from a vehicle that is still running (vehicles with push button start).  The programmer plugs into your vehicle's OBDII diagnostic port under your steering column. In a matter of seconds, the Flash will disable the double horn honk reminder on your vehicle. Want to re-enable it? Simply plug the programmer back in! Each time you plug the programmer in, it will toggle the features state.

  • CANopener™ Flash Programmer
  • Printed Quick Start Guide 
  • Easy Plug n' Play install
  • Simple DIY vehicle programming
  • Once plugged in, the CANopener Flash programmers become "locked" to that vehicle and can not be used on another vehicle. For this reason, they are not refundable once used. This product still comes with a one year warranty and is guaranteed to work on the vehicles listed below. 
  • TYPE 1: 15-20 F-150, 17-19 Super Duty, 15-19 Mustang, 14-20 Fusion and MKZ, 15-20 Edge & MKX, 16-19 Explorer, 18-19 Expedition & Navigator, & 19-21 Ranger 
  • TYPE 2: 17-19 Escape
  • NOT COMPATIBLE: 2020+ SUPER DUTY TRUCKS, 2020+ EXPLORER or 2020+ EXPEDITION / NAVIGATOR (and any other vehicle not listed above)


  • Q – “Will this work on my vehicle”
  • A – Yes. This had been tested on on all the models and years listed.

  • Q – “Does this product cause any issues / disable any features?”
  • A – No. This product does not cause any issues or disable any features.

  • Q – “Will this void my warranty?”
  • A – No. This product will not void your vehicle warranty 

  • Q – “Will the dealer know I change programming in my vehicle?”
  • A – No. You can simply plug the device back in and revert the changes at any time.

  • Q – “I plugged it in and I don't see any changes - did it work?”
  • A – Yes. You will not see any visible changes. 

  • Q – “Can I re-enable the stock functionality when I trade in or sell the vehicle?”
  • A – Yes. At any time you can plug the product back in and revert the changes back. There is no limit to the number of times you can disable and re-enable the changes. 

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  • 5

    Posted by Mike on Apr 30th 2021

    4d tech takes over where some lazy designer at Ford got tired and quit on a Friday afternoon. This is the best hundred bucks I have spent on my truck.
    At the risk of losing my man card, it took longer to read the instructions than to use the product.
    Stop reading and buy it, you won't be disappointed.

  • 5
    Horn Honk

    Posted by Matt W on Apr 26th 2021

    It works! It shuts that damn honking off and turns your expensive truck back into your pride and joy!

  • 5
    Honk Horn Eliminator

    Posted by Tim on Apr 21st 2021

    Amazing. Super easy to use and works perfectly.
    Easy fix for a nagging problem.

  • 5
    Thank you.

    Posted by Mike on Apr 20th 2021

    I just installed this on my vehicle. It worked perfectly.

    4d Tech makes a decent vehicle excellent. They takeover where a half botched design(er) quit. The honk eliminator makes the pickup what it should have been in the first place. This is the best $100 I ever spent on this truck.

    Not only did the product do what it stated it would do, it was simple to use. It worked exactly as advertised.

    It is rare to find something that works as well as these 4D Tech products. This is a demonstration of yankee ingenuity.

  • 5
    Thank you

    Posted by Luis on Apr 12th 2021

    Received my order and it works well

  • 5
    Horn honk eliminator

    Posted by Michael McGinley on Apr 7th 2021

    Works great and very easy to set up!

  • 5
    4DTechFlash - Dbl Honk Eliminator

    Posted by Bryan Schroeder on Apr 5th 2021

    Very satisfied; resolved issue quickly, very simple to use.

  • 5
    Horn honk GONE!

    Posted by Sam W. on Apr 1st 2021

    Worked perfectly and the dreadful double honk is no more!

  • 5
    Finally rid of that annoying feature.

    Posted by Rick on Mar 29th 2021

    First of all, I love my Ford Superduty. But the double honk safety feature was driving me crazy. I would forget about it and get out of the truck to do something while the motor is running and HONK HONK!!!,. Usually this would happen at 6 AM while hitching the trailer at a quite campground or in my driveway before leaving for work. I understand why Ford incorporated the feature but there is no way that I won’t notice that my Diesel engine is running, and I don’t park in a garage. First I thought about getting Forscan and a OBCD II reader but decided that is too much technical stuff for me. Then I found the 4D Tech product and ordered it. Install could not be easier, just plug it in and watch the lights as the instructions state. Finally I am free of the double honk! No more jumping in the air when the horn surprises me, no more guilt and questioning looks for disturbing others. “Hey man, why are you honking your horn?” If you have this problem, get this device right away and get instant relief.

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