Ford Bronco Sport (21-23') Start / Stop Eliminator

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This IS for the Bronco Sport, NOT the Bronco

(Bronco Sport requires a different unit found HERE


  • Never press the button again!
  • Memorizes your preference for the start/stop system with NO programming changes
  • Will not void factory or extended warranties
  • NO tools or vehicle disassembly required - just plug in
  • Complete one-year replacement warranty, US company and support 
  • 2021, 2022 & 2023 Ford Bronco Sport (NOT the Bronco)
  • Simply insert between factory wire harness and back of diagnostic connector housing below the steering wheel (gateway module).

gateway-connector-released-watermarked.jpg ford-sse-inline-installed-circled.jpg


  • Q – “Will the start/stop eliminator work on my vehicle?”
  • A – Yes. The start/stop eliminator had been tested on on all the models and years listed.

  • Q – “Does the start/stop eliminator cause any issues?”
  • A – No. The start/stop eliminator does not cause any issues.

  • Q – “Will the start/stop eliminator void my warranty?”
  • A – No. The start/stop eliminator will not void your vehicle warranty. 

  • Q – “Will the dealer know I used the start/stop eliminator on my vehicle after I unplug it?”
  • A – No. The start/stop eliminator makes ABSOLUTELY NO changes to your vehicle.

  • Q – “I plugged in the start/stop eliminator and I don't see any changes - is it working?”
  • A – Yes! The start/stop eliminator simply remembers if you want the auto start/stop system turned on or off.

  • Q – “Can I use the start/stop eliminator in another compatible vehicle?”
  • A – Although the start/stop eliminator does not "lock" to a vehicle, it MUST remain plugged in to work. Multiple vehicles WILL require multiple eliminators.

  • Q – “What if I want to occasionally turn the auto start/stop system back on?”
  • A – Simply use the auto start/stop button on your dash like normal. 

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  • 5
    Thank you!

    Posted by James on May 15th 2023

    Delivered and installed, works great, don’t have to remember to shut off the auto stop/start anymore. Thank you!

  • 5
    Works perfect!

    Posted by Kasie Noel on Apr 24th 2023

    I was worried after seeing on forums that these devices (no specific brand) were causing the Ford Pass app to not work... this is not the case with this one! My Ford Pass app still works fine. Very happy with purchase so far and hope it continues to work for a long time.

  • 5
    Start/Stop Eliminator

    Posted by Craig Watters on Mar 31st 2023

    Got this for my Bronco Sport. Also have one in my F150 Lariat. Great gizmo.

  • 5
    Start stop eliminator

    Posted by Susan reese on Mar 22nd 2023

    Super easy to install and does the job. Eliminates pesky button pushing.

  • 5

    Posted by Ken on Jan 3rd 2023

    I was expecting it to be harder to install, but it was easy. Right away it works perfectly.
    Each start up even displays a quick popup that the start/stop has been disabled. :)

  • 5
    Works fantastic!

    Posted by Mitch on Oct 1st 2022

    Wife's Bronco. She LOVES it!! No more annoying start/stop!!

  • 5
    Gas milage

    Posted by Charles Brown on May 27th 2022

    I have been using the start/stop eliminator for almost 2 months AND driving the same as before installation IE distance traffic conditions etc. my mileage went UP .3 MPG!

  • 5
    Great stuff!!

    Posted by Charles Brown on Apr 2nd 2022

    Works as advertised, not much room to work under the dash, but i got it installed. I my Bronco I got several warning messages ie service engine, transmission service etc. all went away after driving for a couple miles as I thought they would. I,m 78 and partially disabled so it took a little while for me to install it.

  • 5
    ‘22 Bronco sport auto start/stop eliminator

    Posted by Rigby on Feb 15th 2022

    Not only is auto stop/start annoying, but I’m convinced it shortens the life of an engine, which is why they don’t allow you to permanently turn it off and they masquerade it like it’s doing you a favor by saving you gas. They want you to trade in sooner or pay for repairs. The auto start/stop eliminator does exactly what it promises, and was worth every penny. Shipped fast and was very easy to install. Buy it.

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