CANopener™ Flash Engine Auto Start/Stop Programmer - Programmer
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Engine Auto Start / Stop Programmer (Ford / Lincoln)

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  • Product Description

    Another in the line of CANopener products! This simple to use programmer allows you to disable and re-enable the Engine Stop/Start feature. 

    The CANopener™ Flash programmer plugs into your vehicle's OBDII diagnostic port under your steering column. In a matter of seconds, the Flash will disable the Engine Stop/Start feature on your vehicle. Want to re-enable it? Simply plug the programmer back in! Each time you plug the programmer in, it will toggle the features state. Please note: It will still look like the Auto Start/Stop feature is enabled in your car after using the Flash but the vehicle will no longer shut down.


    • CANopener™ Flash Programmer
    • Detailed Printed Instructions  
    • Easy Plug n' Play install
    • Simple DIY vehicle programming


    • CANopener programmers are not covered under our normal return policy. Once plugged into a vehicle, they become "locked" to that vehicle / device and can not be used on another vehicle. For this reason, they are not refundable once used.  



    • 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Ford F-150 ONLY - do not use on other vehicles!
    • Vehicle must have volume controls on the steering wheel.



    • Q – “Will this work on my vehicle”
    • A – Yes. This had been tested on on all the models and years listed..

    • Q – “Does this product cause any issues / disable any features?”
    • A – No. This product does not cause any issues or disable any features.

    • Q – “Will this void my warranty?”
    • A – No. This product will not void your vehicle warranty 

    • Q – “Will the dealer know I change programming in my truck?”
    • A – No. You can simply plug the device back in and revert the changes at any time.

    • Q – “I plugged it in and I don't see any changes - did it work?”
    • A – Yes. You will not see any visible changes. Once you drive the vehicle, it will just no longer shut the engine off. 

    • Q – “Will this affect my backup camera or trailer lights?”
    • A – No. This does not change or affect your backup camera or trailer lights.  

    • Q – “Can I re-enable the start/stop functionality when I trade in or sell the vehicle?”
    • A – Yes. At any time you can plug the product back in and revert the changes back. There is no limit to the number of times you can disable and re-enable the changes. 

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  • Product Videos

    • Ford F150 DISABLE Auto Start/Stop Feature - Toggle ON and OFF permanently!
    • Expedition / Navigator DISABLE Auto Start/Stop Feature - Toggle ON and OFF permanently!

    Ford F150 DISABLE Auto Start/Stop Feature - Toggle ON and OFF permanently!

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    1. LOVE it!!!

      I received the programmer and installed it! LOVE it!!! Thank you so much!!! on Dec 3rd 2018

    2. Great Product!

      Wow... I was pretty concerned about doing anything to my new 2018 F-150 let alone hooking up a device that would make changes to the software, but this product did exactly what it was supposed to do and only what it was supposed to do! It performed exactly as advertised in the UTube video and will save me a ton of money in repair/replacement costs of components that get hammered with with the Auto start/stop function. Thanks guys, great product. on Nov 22nd 2018

    3. Canopener

      Works perfectly with only a one minute install. Gets rid of annoying start stop. on Oct 5th 2018

    4. Start and stop canopener

      Best products it really work easily would buy again on Sep 15th 2018

    5. Great Tool

      Works as advertised. Mine didn’t come with instructions so I had to call tech support & they were great. Ovetall, this is definitely worth the money! on Sep 14th 2018

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    One year from date of purchase. See our policy page for more details.