Explorer (20-21') Start / Stop Eliminator

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The ONLY no-compromise solution on the market!

The Start/Stop Eliminator is an revolutionary device that easily plugs in behind the diagnostic port below the steering wheel using the included T harness - eliminating the need to press the button every time you turn the vehicle on!

PLEASE get under your dash and find the connector shown below BEFORE purchasing.

  • Never press the button again!
  • Memorizes your preference for the start/stop system with NO programming changes
  • Will not void factory or extended warranties
  • NO tools or vehicle disassembly required - just plug in
  • Complete one-year replacement warranty, US company and support 
  • 2020 & 2021 Ford Explorer - all trim levels and screen orientations
  • BONUS: RWD Vehicles can ALSO re-enable the start stop system by pressing the Start/Stop Button on the dash
  • Simply insert between factory wire harness and back of the black gateway module (NOT THE DIAGNOSTIC PORT) tucked up inside the dash. This gateway module is up inside the dash above the brake pedal switch (blue connector in picture). The right hand picture picture is facing up and towards the REAR of the vehicle. Although no disassembly or tools are required, it does take a few minutes of effort to install. Please see the product video for complete install instructions before purchasing. This applies to ALL TRIM LEVELS - guaranteed!

explorer-sse-overview.jpg explorer-sse-install-watermarked.jpg


  • Q – “Will the start/stop eliminator work on my vehicle?”
  • A – Yes. The start/stop eliminator had been tested on on all the models and years listed.

  • Q – “Does the start/stop eliminator cause any issues?”
  • A – No. The start/stop eliminator does not cause any issues.

  • Q – “Will the start/stop eliminator void my warranty?”
  • A – No. The start/stop eliminator will not void your vehicle warranty. 

  • Q – “Will the dealer know I used the start/stop eliminator on my vehicle after I unplug it?”
  • A – No. The start/stop eliminator makes ABSOLUTELY NO changes to your vehicle.

  • Q – “I plugged in the start/stop eliminator and I don't see any changes - is it working?”
  • A – Yes! The start/stop eliminator simply remembers if you want the auto start/stop system turned on or off.

  • Q – “Can I use the start/stop eliminator in another compatible vehicle?”
  • A – Although the start/stop eliminator does not "lock" to a vehicle, it MUST remain plugged in to work. Multiple vehicles WILL require multiple eliminators.

  • Q – “What if I want to occasionally turn the auto start/stop system back on?”
  • A – Simply unplug the Start Stop Eliminator from the harness. RWD vehicles can also use the auto start/stop button on your dash like normal. 

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  • 5
    Excellent Start-Stop Eliminator

    Posted by MikeyTX on May 1st 2021

    True P N P right out of the box, unlike several others on the market that require disassembly of the lower steering wheel column cover in order to access the connector. This is well worth the price ! Install is 1 beer/2 slices of pizza. ;-)

  • 5
    21 Explorer start stop

    Posted by Dave on Apr 20th 2021

    Works exactly as advertised. It however is not as easy to install, at least not with large hands. Pro tip, from outside the vehicle reach up under there with your left hand not your right.

  • 5
    Start/Stop Eliminator

    Posted by Francis Sauciunas on Mar 22nd 2021

    It was difficult to see the cable that plugged into the gateway, so I had to unplug the cable by feel, not sight. I had to use the brake switch assembly as a point of reference to feel the gateway cable above it. After installing the Start/Stop Eliminator cable, I had to feel that cable connecting to the gateway. It only took 5 minutes to install. The Start/Stop Eliminator works just as advertised. Tech support was very helpful.

  • 5
    Works as described.

    Posted by Steve on Mar 4th 2021

    Works as described. Instructions were wrong but was able to find a youtube video that worked.

  • 5
    Start Stop Eliminater

    Posted by Dan S on Feb 6th 2021

    Works perfect, Easy to install, Love it.

  • 5
    Start/Stop Eliminator

    Posted by Bill on Dec 31st 2020

    This product worked as advertised in our 2020 Ford Explorer.

  • 5
    Must Have!

    Posted by Aaron R on Dec 4th 2020

    Works perfectly in my 2021 Explorer, no more dealing with the annoying auto shutoff!

  • 5
    No more engine off!

    Posted by Will Sobczuk on Dec 3rd 2020

    So annoying! I can't believe that Ford installed this in the 21 Explorer! I hate it, and hate it more when the engine turns off and then back on.. What a waste of starter and battery, doesn't save any fuel here in south florida, just annoying. But thanks to these guys, the SUV will remember to keep that useless function off for good! I wish this device could also remember the drive setting. Last thing, why can't that 8" screen just turn off and stay off? Why didn't Ford put a 'screen off' button or a setting for a timer? I feel for ST folks that have to stare at that huge laptop screen molded into their dashboard.

  • 5
    Start / Stop Eliminator

    Posted by Zed on Nov 13th 2020

    I LOVE this thing works perfectly - I will recommend this to everyone. I installed it in less that 5 min.

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