15' Ford F150 SYNC 3 Upgrade for MyFord Touch

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 Use Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps from your mobile device on the SYNC 3 screen. 

Get $50 back! Simply send us your old module. (Limited time only. Pre-paid return shipping label and free pick-up included. See below for details*) 

Our complete SYNC 3 retrofit kit contains genuine Ford parts, includes everything needed and comes pre-programmed. Please note, some of the pictures depict the kit with navigation - We offer this kit with and without factory navigation. It may also be depicted with on screen climate controls - this kit will retain existing on screen climate controls, but will not add them to a vehicle that did not have them before.

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  • Genuine Ford voice activated navigation system control module.
  • Genuine Ford 8" Capacitive Touchscreen.
  • Screen to module cable.
  • Under dash, retrofit GPS antenna (Required - existing antenna NOT compatible).
  • Replacement Media Hub.
  • Media Hub Wiring Adapter.
  • Vehicle specific programming - NO trip to the dealer required! (VIN Required During Checkout)
  • Full printed instructions & live technical support.



  • Adds Apple CarPlay™
  • Adds Android Auto™
  • Latest applicable SYNC 3 software
  • Plug n' play - hassle free installation w/ no cut or spliced wiring
  • Retains ALL Factory Features - (Backup Camera, Heated Seats, Park Assist, Climate Controls, etc)
  • Designed for the DIY'er
  • (Optional) Voice Activated Navigation w/ Full maps for USA, Canada and Mexico**



  • Install Time: ~15 minutes
  • Install Ease: 1 out of 5



  • 2015 F-150 Pickup Trucks equipped the 8" MyFord Touch system



  • Q – “My Hub is in my center console unlike the one in the video, will this kit still work?”
  • A – Yes, The hub install and connections are the same, just in a different location.

  • Q – “I have manual climate and the bottom right corner of my screen just has the date. Will this add the on screen controls?”
  • A – No. There is not a cost effective way to add automatic climate control.

  • Q – “Will this add SYNC Connect / FordPass controls from my phone?”
  • A – No. SYNC Connect is a separate modem optioned in some vehicles. We do not currently offer a kit to add this functionality.

  • Q – “Will this kit void my factory warranty?”
  • A – No. This kit will not void your vehicle warranty. Although Ford will not warranty the components in our kit, we do for one full year! 

  • Q – “Can I still update the SYNC software when updates are available?”
  • A – Yes. You will still be able to update SYNC via USB thumb drive from our software updates page HERE. 

  • Q – “Will this kit affect my SiriusXM subscription?”
  • A – No. SiriusXM subscriptions are NOT affected by our kit - your SiriusXM ID will remain the same.

Owners Manual Icon 

* Continental USA only. Must have a 2013+ production date, no physical damage and in working condition. See Policies for more info.

**Regardless if your SYNC 2 system is navigation equipped or not, you will need to select "Navigation Version" option under "Kit Options" if you would like SYNC 3 to have navigation.  

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  • 5
    Best upgrade yet

    Posted by Jaylon on Apr 3rd 2018

    It’s definitely on the high side for price but it’s plug and play and literally takes 15 minutes to install! Don’t try and cut corners with non programmed ones as it won’t work I tried!

  • 5
    2015 F150 to Sync 3

    Posted by JOHN on Mar 30th 2018

    Was super easy to install and works great. I did buy the plastic trim removal tool as it was needed to get the dash speaker out. I removed the speaker to install the GPS antenna further back in the dash. You could do this with your fingers but i felt more secure using the tool as i did not want to break the plastic trim. Now, the cost for the unit is a bit on the premium side but the one year warranty is worth the extra cost.

  • 5
    At the point of too easy!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 5th 2018

    I watched the video and read the instructions prior to starting... it took less than 20 mins to install
    Wow, easy!
    Recommended this site/product to two folks already.


  • 5
    So Glad I did this upgrade

    Posted by Phil on Feb 15th 2018

    I bought a used F-150 (2015), and knew that I wasn’t getting the Sync3. I finally got around to ordering the upgrade, and glad that I did. It did take me longer than the 15 minutes, but I was trying to be careful to not scratch anything. I also accounted for the time to gather up the needed tools.

    After the installation, there were a few prompts to go through, and I reconnected my Bluetooth phone. After that I connected via usb, and the radio sync’d with my apps.

  • 5
    Cheaper than a new truck!

    Posted by D. Wagner on Nov 7th 2017

    The SYNC2 system in my 2015 F150 was glitchy, slow, and regularly crashed. It was getting so bad I was considering trading in the truck since the warranty on electronics was exprired. I found this online and couldn't be happier. It is flawless and every feature of my King Ranch F150 works with the new unit including the seat controls, temp, and backup camera with birds eye view. If you are considering the upgrade, just do it! Installation was about 45min and exactly like the video. CarPlay is a game changer.

  • 4
    Pricey but awesome

    Posted by Bart on Oct 30th 2017

    I rode with a buddy the other day who has the same XLT Sport that I do, but 2017 vs. my 2015. I immediately fell in love with his Sync 3 and the compatibility with Android Auto for Google Maps mirroring to the truck screen. As a real estate broker, I'm always navigating to properties or just to see what my commute looks like and the recommended route with traffic. I've never been a fan of onboard GPS so have always used my phone mounted where I can see it. This is a game-changer for me. I actually started looking at buying a 2017 truck because I needed this so badly. Quickly running the numbers led me to pulling the trigger on this upgrade and now I love my truck again without having to buy a new one. Installation took inside of 45 minutes for me, start to finish. I had enough slack in the cables connecting to the bezel that I did not have to unhook them which was good because I have fat fingers that struggle with all the little clips. The hardest part for me was swapping out the USB port inside the recessed tray (floor shifter). There was almost no slack in the wires for me to get my fingers back there to unhook the existing USB/SD card hub. For a second I also forgot about the included adapter cable for the USB so that caused me some unnecessary confusion. Do yourself a favor and watch the installation video a couple of times before starting the project rather than relying on the printed instructions. I've used it multiple times a day since installation without any problems so far.

  • 5
    Love my truck again!

    Posted by John H on Oct 23rd 2017

    I was looking to trade my 2015 F150 Platinum and realized I love the truck but HATED the Sync 2 system. After reading the review took a chance and ordered the Sync 3 update. Pleased to say everything went as planned and the new Sync 3 is Awesome. Not even on the same planet at the Sync 2. The Apple CarPlay is fantastic.

    The install was overall as easy as the video indicates. The hardest part was figuring out how to take off the top 2 connectors on the front panel. The little tabs are not where you think they are. (Better close up of these in the video would be helpful!) Otherwise a piece of cake. It hurt my feelings to spend 2K on this upgrade but much cheaper than trading vehicles.

  • 5
    Buy a new truck or upgrade my 2015?

    Posted by Fred C. on Oct 17th 2017

    I was looking at the new features on the 2016-2017 Ford F150's and the only thing I was missing or wanting on my 2015 Platinum was the new Sync3 system with android auto. So instead of buying a new truck I decided to upgrade my head unit. The kit that 4Dtech provided was complete and took me less then an hour to install. The instructional video really helped and I couldn't be more happier with my decision. I chose not to get the navigation upgrade since I really wanted to use google maps and Waze which works wonderfully and is voice controlled. The kit is quite expensive but I saved a lot more money by not buying a new truck! Now that I have the Sync 3 system installed I really do feel like my truck is brand new again.

  • 5
    Decision Time on a leased 2015 F150 - Way to go - just add Sync 3 upgrade + NAV

    Posted by Mark K on Oct 14th 2017

    Title says it all I was at a point of making a decision whether or not to keep my 2015 F150 Alum body with My Touch 2 or to turn in at lease end. Keeping in mind I've added many other upgrades so I'm somewhat vested in this truck........

    But the My Touch Sync 2 was just the one thing that bugged the hell out of me especially as Ford
    rolled out Sync 3 not long after I got the truck - no heads up to anybody ! (rolleyes) lol

    Well this 4DTECH sync 2 to 3 + NAV upgrade was just the solution to that one niggling issue I had namely "My Touch Sync 2 " installed in this truck.

    So I ordered the Sync 3 Upgrade unit with added NAV and it arrived very promptly in 3 days. I watched Scott's install video twice - brewed a cup of my fav Joe and headed out to the truck.
    I had the required # 7 torx, 7 mm nut driver, and 7mm socket ready to go.

    Install for me was less than 20 mins ( 20 with a few glugs of coffee ;-)) ) and was a breeze.

    Put it all back together and it booted up in about 50 seconds ( tip be patient first time takes a bit)

    Looked great - was all set - then I noticed my rear cam wasn't activating - so it being the
    weekend - and 4DTech being closed - I just decided what the heck let me email them and
    we will troubleshoot Monday (Today is Sat)

    BUT ---- here's where the great Customer Service kicked in.

    Got an e-mail back right away from Tech Support - saying to please re-seat the the main plug
    to the module - so out I go and basically open the panel up again ( very easy job) and un seat
    the connector and slowly and evenly reconnect it - put everything back together and low and
    behold backup camera issue resolved - seems I was a little too speedy at first - lol

    Anyway point being - Customer Service & Tech Support is excellent.

    The product is quite simply top quality, fast functionally & outstanding quality.

    For me this represented a key decision point in deciding on whether or not to keep my
    2015 lease when it ends. I'll be keeping it as it's one great truck that has now, thanks to this
    great upgrade, been able to sustain a relative level of value to me personally with being able to add this new current Sync 3 tech with Carplay and Android with NAV.

    Anybody out there in the same situation as me - all I can say it - just do it as it's very worthwhile
    and a helluva a lot cheaper than a new lease or purchase when you factor in new lease or
    sales costs and taxes.

    My 2 cents fwiw - hope it helps people to decide.

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