2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 Ford F150 SYNC 3 Retrofit Kit for MyFord Touch Vehicles
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15-17' Ford F150 4" to 8" SYNC 3 Conversion for vehicles w/ SYNC

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    Now shipping with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™

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    Save $600! Use Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps from your mobile device on the SYNC 3 screen rather than selecting the $600 option to add factory navigation. 


    Want to retrofit SYNC 3 into your MyFord (SYNC 1 with 4" screen) equipped vehicle? Now you can! Our complete SYNC 3 retrofit kit contains genuine Ford parts, includes everything needed and comes pre-programmed. Please note, some of the pictures depict the kit with navigation - We offer this kit with and without factory navigation. 

    The capacitive touch screen has impressive functionality such as the convenient swipe, and available navigation pinch-to-zoom functionality similar to what is found on your smartphone. SYNC 3 reacts quickly to your commands. From a light tap on the capacitive touch screen to simple voice commands, SYNC 3 delivers noticeable high-speed performance.

    Via SYNC AppLink, launch and voice-control some of your favorite mobile apps or access them in the organized apps section, which automatically loads SYNC-enabled apps from your paired and connected smartphone.

    Android Auto™ enables Google voice search, maps, music and more through steering wheel and touch screen controls. Apple CarPlay™ allows iPhone users to get directions optimized for traffic, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music, all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road with Siri® or a touch screen.

    Don't have SiriusXM Radio? See our kits HERE to add it!

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    • Genuine Ford voice activated SYNC 3 module.
    • Genuine Ford 8" Capacitive Touchscreen.
    • Genuine Ford Replacement radio bezel.
    • Genuine Ford Screen to module cable.
    • Genuine Ford Replacement Media Hub
    • Genuine Ford USB cable(s).
    • Under dash, retrofit GPS antenna (Required - existing antenna NOT compatible).
    • Custom Main wiring harness.
    • Stainless mounting brackets.
    • Backup camera retention harness/Direct RCA input for aftermarket camera.
    • CANopener Flash Remote Programmer - NO trip to the dealer required! (VIN Required During Checkout)
    • Full printed instructions & live technical support.



    • Adds Apple CarPlay™
    • Adds Android Auto™
    • Latest SYNC 3 software (currently version 3.0)
    • Plug n' play - hassle free installation w/ no cut or spliced wiring
    • Retains ALL Factory Features
    • Designed for the DIY'er
    • (Optional) Voice Activated Navigation w/ Full maps for USA, Canada and Mexico



    • Install Time: ~45 minutes
    • Install Ease: 2 out of 5



    • 2015, 2016 & 2017 F-150 Pickup Trucks equipped the 4" MyFord system
    • Existing 4" system must have basic SYNC / Bluetooth functions to perform this upgrade



    • SiriusXM Travel Link requires a navigation equipped kit and your vehicle to be equipped with SiriusXM (factory equipped or with one of our SiriusXM kits).



    • Q – “My Hub is in my center console unlike the one in the video, will this kit still work?”
    • A – Yes, The hub install and connections are the same, just in a different location.

    • Q – “I have manual climate controls. Will this add the on screen controls?”
    • A – No. There is not a cost effective way to add automatic climate control.

    • Q – “Will this add SYNC Connect / FordPass controls from my phone?”
    • A – No. SYNC Connect is a separate modem optioned in some vehicles. We do not currently offer a kit to add this functionality.

    • Q – “Will this kit void my factory warranty?”
    • A – No. This kit will not void your vehicle warranty. Although Ford will not warranty the components in our kit, we do for one full year! 

    • Q – “Can I still update the SYNC software when updates are available?”
    • A – Yes. You will still be able to update SYNC via USB thumb drive from our software updates page HERE. 

    • Q – “Will this kit affect my SiriusXM subscription?”
    • A – No. SiriusXM subscriptions are NOT affected by our kit - your SiriusXM ID will remain the same.

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  • Product Videos

    • 4" to 8" Upgrade w/ SYNC 3 | 2015+ Ford F-150
    • 2015+ F-150 Radio Bezel Button Swap
    • SYNC®3: New Features | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

    4" to 8" Upgrade w/ SYNC 3 | 2015+ Ford F-150

  • Product Reviews


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    1. 2016 upgrade to Sync 3

      Great product, works flawlessly and easy to install. I recommend having the installation video next to you while installing so you can quickly refer back to it step by step. on Sep 14th 2018

    2. 2016 F150 Sport With Console

      Great product - totally impressed - especially when I was told there was not a way to upgrade my 4" display to 8" plus I got the new Sync 3 - saved trading in and buying a new vehicle if I really really wanted it. Install video is great - especially since I am a mechanical person they describe as being "all thumbs" (but actually more "all toes"). Hate to say it took me 3 1/2 hours to install as I went step by step - but had to redo some steps as I had gotten confused on a few steps.
      Comments if you have a console - the ACM actually needs to come all the way out to be able to route the USB hub behind the ACM bracket (FYI that's where I had to redo as I did not go behind it initially). Also the connectors for the backup camera are RCA connectors - easy to connect - recommend using some electrical tape to wrap the connection to keep it solid - just my 2 cents on that.
      Overall - installation videos help immensely for folks like me. Do take into account the time difference as to when they are open for phone calls when you install - if you have questions when you are installing. Can email - but I'm too impatient for that.
      End result - product installed - working great (had concerns as was acting weird before I connected to reprogram - would not turn off and cycled a few times - reprogramming cleared all that up. Thanks to 4Dtech for their videos!!
      on Sep 6th 2018

    3. Outstanding Product

      Videos made the install a breeze, everything worked perfectly! on May 1st 2018


      I was very hesitate about making this major purchase for the Sync 3 upgrade with navigation. BUT I'm so glad I did include the navigation. If I hadn't I would have been disappointed! The 8" screen addition to my backup camera feature alone made this purchase worth the investment. Not to mentioned all the other features that comes with Sync 3. 4Dtech instructions along with on-line video make the installation a breeze. Don't forget help is also available by phone!

      The only concern I have is for future upgrades to the Sync 3 Navigation since my VIN# through 2015 FORD doesn't even list Sync 3 availability. BIG investment now for something I may or may not be able to keep updated? Maybe 4Dtech can reassure me this can be done another way!

      Thanks 4Dtech for a great product!
      on Apr 24th 2018

    5. Outstanding Service! Superior product!

      I was pretty nervous spending $2k over the internet when I purchased the 4" to 8" conversion for my 2016 Ford F-150 from 4Dtech. However, the equipment was top notch, the installation instructions were easy to read and understand and the product was outstanding! I originally received the wrong usb hub (my mistake). I contacted 4Dtech and they quickly arranged for a replacement piece which arrived in less than a week after I sent in the original.

      These guys are for real! I highly recommend purchasing from 4Dtech!
      on Mar 14th 2018

    6. Excellent results, easy and fast

      I am very pleased with the new 8 inch screen. Ordering was easy, shipping was fast. The backup camera view in the old 4 inch screen was marginal at best With the new 8 inch screen it is bright and clear, the touchscreen and android auto are great. Easy installation (following the video on my phone), one hour start to finish including unpacking and repacking the old one. I had a problem and called for help. My call was answered immediately, a solution was quickly identified and a new part was shipped that day and I received in 2 days. I changed the part and everything works perfectly. Excellent customer service! on Mar 13th 2018

    7. Great Product

      If you want to upgrade your radio screen to the biggest most improved unit than this is the kit you need. 4D included everything needed to install plus easy to understand directions and videos. I wasn't even trying hard and got it totally installed in about 1.5 hours! on Feb 1st 2018

    8. 2016 F150 conversion kit from 4 inch Sync system to 8 inch Sync 3 with Nav. Conversion Kit

      This is a 5 star kit. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of doing the upgrade.
      You could tell that a lot of hard work and dedication went into the design and building of this kit. The people at 4DTech did an outstanding job and I’m happy that I purchased it from them. The quality of the harnesses is superb. The customer service was very good. The product works as expected. The installation video is fantastic. I did the installation while I followed along with the installation video.
      I would give this kit a perfect score, but there are 2 minor areas for improvement.
      1) I started the installation and was getting close to finishing when I discovered that the Backup Camera pigtail harness was missing from the kit. As it turns out, 4DTech shipped in a separate package without informing me. Unfortunately , I couldn’t finish the installation until it arrived. My recommendation is that 4DTech inform the customer “IN ADVANCE” that the shipment will come in 2 packages.
      2) While swapping out the climate control pushbuttons, you need to make sure the temp knob is calibrated correctly. 4DTech had good instructions for the calibration. I recommend that you point out this calibration in your bezel button swap video.
      Again, these are very minor areas for improvement. I’m completely satisfied with the product and the service.
      on Jan 30th 2018

    9. Excellent product

      This product is expensive, but for a good reason, because it works flawlessly. Provided video made installation a breeze and quality product with quick customer service. Very pleased with my purchase. on Jan 19th 2018

    10. 2016 F150 SYNC 3 Upgrade conversion from 4” Display

      System is the most innovative product in the Market found this product with 4DTech was easy, price is much better than buying in the car dealerships, tech support and warranty for 1 year is awesome. It put more value in to your vehicle. Your car look superior than before when you have the 4 inchs screen.
      Im very happy.
      on Jan 13th 2018

  • Warranty Information

    One year from date of purchase. See our policy page for more details.